Off The Bench’s Free Agent Predictor is Back!

Think you have what it takes to beat the so-called ‘experts’? Predict the outcome of the wild MLB off-season with us and win the Grand Prize!

To enter to win the $100 grand prize, simply go complete your predictions here  for the Top 30 MLB Free Agents by November 7th.

Other giveaways:


For each free agent, guess the team he’s going to sign with, the number of years, and total value of his contract. Earn:
1 point for correct team
1 point for correct number of years
1 point for correct Total Value of Contract within 10%
1 Bonus Point if you get all 3

You can even guess if a player will retire, sign overseas, or go unsigned and earn up to 3 points for getting that right too! So what are you waiting for? Complete your predictions today!

The contest ends at the start of the first full-squad practice in Spring Training (Any Club).


The standings will be updated daily on our standings pages:

Remember to check back in regularly to see how you’re doing! Also, do not be afraid to talk some trash on Twitter (Tag us @OTB_Baseball so we feel popular) or on Facebook (or linkedIn, or Instagram, or Snapchat, or whatever your preferred social media account happens to be).

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