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Hank is no George

Yesterday, Hank Steinbrenner, co-chairman of the New York Yankees and son of former principal owner George Steinbrenner, blamed the Yankees disappointing (an LCS appearance is disappointing in New York) season in 2010 on the hangover effect from the World Championship the year before. He was quoted as saying that some Yankees were too busy building mansions and not focusing on winning ball games. This was a direct shot at captain Derek Jeter who recently moved into one in Tampa. Now, Hank has taken a lot of flak for opening his mouth recently and, honestly, all of it is deserved. Hank really needs to take a back seat. Though George Steinbrenner was known for saying ridiculous and controversial things, he had the track record to back it up. George was devoted to winning above all else and his player respected, admired, and hated him for it. Hank, on the other hand, comes off as a poser and a weakling, saying stupid things just to keep  the spotlight on him and remind people of the Steinbrenner name. Hank and his brother and co-chairman Hal are no George and trying to emulate him, a divisive and much maligned persona himself,  is going to alienate them from their players, coaches and fans. Hank should think twice, or as many times necessary to decide to keep quiet, before making bold and stupid public declarations again.

–Max Frankel

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