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A Giancarlo Stanton Trade Proposal

The story of the offseason is sure to be if a Giancarlo Stanton trade actually goes down. For the uninformed, he’s a superstar who hit 59 bombs to go along with a .281 batting average and an OPS+ of 168 (100 is an average Major Leaguer), won the MVP, and is likely to be moved by the new Marlins ownership group looking to cut payroll and begin a rebuild. Look for new owner Derek Jeter to pressure the Miami front office into moving their superstar in a creative way. Here is what I believe a deal involving the future MVP will look like:

Red Sox get: Stanton and Cash from Giants and Marlins

Giants get: Jackie Bradley Jr. and C.J Chatham

Marlins get: Chris Shaw and Tyler Beede from the Giants and Jay Groome, Michael Chavisand Tanner Houck from the Red Sox.

**Miami pays portions of Stanton’s salary going forward: $5 Million in 2018, $6 Million in 19-20, then 21-25 they will pay 1 less million per year beginning at $5 Million in ‘21 and ending with Miami not paying any in 2026, and San Francisco paying Boston $3 Million for the next 4 years. So the Stanton salary goes from $298M to $253M.

The Stanton sweepstakes will be the topic of a baseball world hooked on the home run. “The Year of the Homerun” King will not be wearing a Miami uniform on opening day next season, but no one knows for sure where he will end up. In this deal, the Red Sox get the bat they want and money to help pay for the bat they want. The Red Sox are a playoff contender lacking the power presence that was longtime occupied by David Ortiz, and Stanton could be the much-needed piece to push them back to the top. The Red Sox also receive money to help pay for the Stanton’s mega-deal, which has been the major roadblock against the MVP being traded.

The Giants get back Jackie Bradley Jr., a major defensive upgrade in centerfield and has an easily projectable bat that hit .267/.349/.496 as recently as 2016. While he took a step back in 2017, look for JBJ to rebound in a great way next season, and into the future. In the deal, the Sox also include C.J Chatham a projectable shortstop, who comes in as the number 7 prospect in the Red Sox system, who helps to convince San Fran to chip into Stanton’s massive deal.

Finally, The Miami Marlins receive Chris Shaw and Tyler Beede from the Giants, and Jay Groome, Michael Chavis, and Tanner Houck from the Red Sox. Shaw is the Number 2 prospect in the Giants system. A power hitting 1b/OF, Shaw is blocked at first base by Brandon Belt and therefore expendable. Beede is the Number 3 prospect for a shallow SF system and a Major League ready RHP who could immediately develop with the Marlins. Jay Groome, an LHP with great potential, is the 42 overall prospect in baseball, and another pitching piece Miami could build around. Chavis is the 92 overall prospect; he’s a third baseman right now and is projected by some scouts to be a Dan Uggla clone in his prime. Finally, Houck is the number four prospect in the Sox system and is an RHP with a solid fastball, and another pitching piece Miami can build around.

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1 Comment

  1. Charles Fisher

    November 24, 2017 at 12:01 pm

    Very interesting and insightful- thoughtful and well-written

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